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Leta Letize Bio

Leta Letize’s expertise as a Leadership and Organization Development Consultant and C-Level Executive Coach has positioned her as a value-added resource for leaders in today’s unpredictable business environment.  Her career of 20+ years has been dedicated to posturing people and organizations for success, aligning leaders and leadership teams that are  working to create profitable, productive, and participative cultures. Professionalism, an insightful style, and a teacher and mentor able to model the behaviors sought has earned her a reputation as a “coach’s coach” and has made her one of the most highly respected C-Level Executive Coaches in the Country.


Leta Letize was a Founder and Managing Partner of  PDS, Inc., a multi-million dollar consulting and training firm internationally known for its work in assisting top organizations in managing cultural change and creating high-performance environments that understand the “people” side of initiatives such as Lean and Six Sigma.


Leta Letize's consulting and coaching work with Fortune 100/500 Companies has included Cardinal Health, CBRE, Cisco, Citigroup, Ford, Honeywell, Humana, Johnson & Johnson, KLM Airlines, Miami Children’s Hospital, Raytheon, Solectron, Sony Pictures, and The New York Times.


Leta Letize’s Leadership Development work focuses on high performance teams, communication, managing change, strategic planning and accountability, self awareness, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and leading with integrity.  She has created many highly successful Public Workshops, has trained and certified hundreds of coaches and internal consultants, has been a speaker at national conferences, and has authored training materials and published articles on topics such as Managing Change, the Changing Role of Leadership, Handling Conflict, and Teambuilding. 

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